A Personal Update

***** CONTENT WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS REFERENCES TO MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES AND MARIJUANA USE ***** My life is a struggle right now. Not in an “I’m riding the struggle bus today” way, but in an “I’m at the back of the struggle bus and it’s driving itself around in circles and I don’t know howContinue reading “A Personal Update”

Pop Quiz, Hot Shot!

My favorite season – football season – has arrived, which is the perfect excuse to play a football-themed pop quiz! All of these movies feature characters who are football players. I’ve given you one actor’s name and the movie’s release date, and you give me the title. Without googling, how many can you name?

Different Seasons at 40

“Although ‘Where do you get your ideas?’ has always been the question I’m most frequently asked (it’s number one with a bullet, you might say), the runner-up is undoubtedly this one: ‘Is horror all you write?’ When I say it isn’t, it’s hard to tell if the questioner seems relieved or disappointed.” – Stephen King,Continue reading “Different Seasons at 40”

Pop Quiz Answers

Archie Gates, Billy Tyne, Fred Friendly, Ryan Bingham, Frank Stokes – GEORGE CLOONEY (Three Kings, The Perfect Storm, Good Night, and Good Luck, Up in the Air, The Monuments Men) Anita Hoffman, Paula Alquist, Dr. Constance Petersen, Sister Mary Benedict – INGRID BERGMAN (Intermezzo, Gaslight, Spellbound, The Bells of St. Mary’s) Steve Randall, Brian Flanagan,Continue reading “Pop Quiz Answers”


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