Quick Hits: March 1

  • Congratulations to all the Golden Globes winners, but especially Anya Taylor-Joy, who is so brilliant in The Queen’s Gambit that I’ll never be over it.
  • Today would have been David Niven’s 111th birthday. I know he was an Oscar-winning actor (1959’s Separate Tables) and a writer and served in the British army in WWII, but when I think of David Niven, I will always think of this.
  • Happy birthday, Harry Belafonte! In his honor, my favorite uses of his music, from one of my favorite movies, Beetlejuice.
  • They had never seen it, so last night I treated my parents to the delightful Catch Me If You Can. According to Wikipedia, several other directors were considered before Steven Spielberg decided to do it himself; one of those directors was David Fincher, and hoo boy, I can’t help wondering how that would have turned out. As it stands, it’s an entertaining-as-hell movie, with winning performances and an iconic score from John Williams. It only received two Oscar nominations – Best Supporting Actor (Christopher Walken) and Best Original Score – but it is still one of my favorite films of 2002.
  • And finally, happy 78th birthday to The Who’s Roger Daltrey!!

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