Quick Hits: May 15

  • On this day in 1928, a test audience was treated to the first depiction of Mickey Mouse, in a silent short called Plane Crazy. By the end of the year, Disney would release its first sound cartoon, Steamboat Willie.
  • On this day in 1958, Gigi premiered in New York. Starring Leslie Caron, Maurice Chevalier and Louis Jourdan, Gigi tells the story of a courtesan-in-training who falls in love with a wealthy Parisian playboy. Directed by Vincente Minnelli, with music by Lerner and Loewe, Gigi was nominated for nine Oscars, and it won in every category, including Best Picture and Best Director.
  • On this day in 2002, Bowling for Columbine made its premiere at the Cannes film festival. Directed by Michael Moore, the film explored the causes of increased gun violence in the United States. A critical and commercial success, Bowling for Columbine won a special prize at Cannes, as well as the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.
  • James Mason was born on this day in 1909. The devastatingly handsome Brit made one top-notch film after another, including A Star Is Born, Lolita, North by Northwest (a personal favorite), The Boys from Brazil and The Verdict. Fun fact: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Belinda Carlisle (The Go-Go’s) is married to Mason’s son Morgan, and their son is also names James.
  • On this day in 1967, Paul McCartney met future wife Linda Eastman.

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