Quick Hits: August 29

  • Netflix launched on this day in 1997 as an online DVD rental store. It became a streaming service in 2007, and began developing original content in 2013. House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black both premiered that year, and the binge-watch was born. In 2016, Netflix had its best year yet with the one-two punch of The Crown and Stranger Things (at the time, Netflix’s most-watched series). Over the years, Netflix has been nominated for 480 awards, and it’s won more than two hundred, including fifteen Oscars, twelve Golden Globes, eleven Screen Actors Guild awards and 120 Primetime Emmys. With 203 million subscribers, Netflix is the most-watched streaming service in the world.
  • Ingrid Bergman died of breast cancer on her 67th birthday, August 29, 1982. A three-time Oscar winner, Bergman was one of the most iconic – and beautiful – women to ever grace the screen. Her affair with director Roberto Rossellini in 1950 made waves in Hollywood AND Washington D.C. (as well as Bergman’s native Sweden), but the two eventually married. Their union produced three children, including Isabella, who would become a model and actor herself.
  • Happy birthday, Elliott Gould!
  • The Gallagher brothers were unleashed on the world with the release of Oasis’ debut album, Definitely Maybe, on this day in 1994. An infectious blend of 60s-inspired psychedelia and 90s Britpop, Definitely Maybe was a worldwide smash. Oasis’ music – not to mention the Gallagher’s outsized personalities – would dominate the pop scene for the next couple of years; at one point, in a 1996 interview with MTV, Noel Gallagher said that Oasis was “bigger than the Beatles”.
  • Speedy Gonzales made his first appearance in Cat-Tails for Two, a Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies short released on this day in 1953.

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