Pop Quiz Answers

I had so much fun putting this quiz together! I hope y’all enjoyed it too.

  1. Aged Actor, Leading Man, Doorman, Autograph Seeker, Stage Manager (1950) – ALL ABOUT EVE
  2. Miss Lonelyhearts, Miss Torso, Man on Fire Escape, Miss Hearing Aid (1954) – REAR WINDOW
  3. Car Driver, Assassin in Bedroom, Submarine Captain (1967) – YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE
  4. Mission Controller, Astronaut, Ape Attacked by Leopard (1968) – 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY
  5. Field Reporter, Zombie/Posse Member, Washington Scientist (1968) – NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD
  6. Cat Man, Deputy, Dancing Girl, Hooker #4, Pickup Truck (1969) – EASY RIDER
  7. Prison Chaplain, Conspirator, Handmaiden in Bible Fantasy, Desk Sargeant (1971) – A CLOCKWORK ORANGE
  8. Michael’s Bodyguard, FBI Man #1, Impressario, Ellis Island Doctor (1974) – THE GODFATHER PART II
  9. Fight Announcer, Club Corner Man, Paulie’s Date, Owner of Pet Shop (1976) – ROCKY
  10. Playmate of the Year, Soldier in Trench, Catholic Priest, Helicopter Pilot (1979) – APOCALYPSE NOW
  11. Wise Man #2, First Centurion, Intensely Dull Youth, Alarmed Crucifixion Assistant (1979) – MONTY PYTHON’S LIFE OF BRIAN
  12. Mean Mongolian, Giant Sherpa/1st Mechanic, Tall Captain, Peruvian Porter (1981) – RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK
  13. Lumberjack, Ray Gun Geek #1, Ray Gun Geek #2, Freshman, Organist (1983) – SIXTEEN CANDLES
  14. Violinist, Hotel Manager, Tall Woman at Party, Hot Dog Vendor, Library Ghost (1984) – GHOSTBUSTERS
  15. One-Legged Man, Terrified Soldier, Rape Victim, Medic (1986) – PLATOON
  16. Chemistry Teacher, Bagpiper, Dormitory Porter, Senior Student (1989) – DEAD POETS SOCIETY
  17. Freshman Smartass, Assistant Coach, Beer Delivery Guy, Liquor Store Clerk (1993) – DAZED AND CONFUSED [Liquor Store Clerk pictured above]
  18. Wilson’s Trainer, Gawker #1, Shot Lady, Long Hair Yuppie-Scum (1994) – PULP FICTION
  19. TV Reporter #1, Cheerleader in Bathroom, Young Girl in Video Store, Bored Teen (1996) – SCREAM
  20. Stereo Customer, New Year’s Eve Young Stud, Donut Boy, Man with Gun (1997) – BOOGIE NIGHTS
  21. Food Court Maitre D’, Next Month’s Opponent, Bus Driver with Broken Nose (1999) – FIGHT CLUB
  22. Angry Promoter, Waving Girl, Plaza Doctor, Swingo’s Desk Clerk (2000) – ALMOST FAMOUS
  23. Michigan Girl, German Teacher, Kissing Girl, Skater Girl, Marymount Captain (2004) – MEAN GIRLS
  24. Bank Manager, Assistant DA, Heckler, Cop Heckler, Prison Ferry Pilot (2005) – THE DARK KNIGHT
  25. Chinatown Merchant, Pool Hall Goon, Fight Club Boss, Super Soldier #2 (2016) – DEADPOOL

2 thoughts on “Pop Quiz Answers

  1. A few of these seem obvious once you see the answer, but I’ve not seen so many! I can’t believe I didn’t get Pulp Fiction. And Sixteen Candles. HOW DID I MISS SIXTEEN CANDLES??

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