Pop Quiz, Hot Shot!

Last time out, I asked you to name a movie from a handful of its nameless characters (ICYMI: https://peanut-butter-and-julie.com/2022/08/02/pop-quiz-hot-shot-2/). This time, I’m giving you several characters played by a single actor or actress. All of these folks are A-listers and/or Oscar winners, past or present. I tried to stick to well-known movies, though I did manage to sneak in a couple of personal favorites. Without Googling, how many can you name? Come back in a day or two for the answers (I’ll provide the movie title for each character name, as well).

  1. Archie Gates, Billy Tyne, Fred Friendly, Ryan Bingham, Frank Stokes
  2. Anita Hoffman, Paula Alquist, Dr. Constance Petersen, Sister Mary Benedict
  3. Steve Randall, Brian Flanagan, Dr. William Harford, Les Grossman
  4. Dr. Rachel Mannus, Julianne Potter, Maggie Carpenter, Liz Gilbert
  5. Ben Quick, Lew Harper, Frank Galvin, Walter Bridge, John Rooney
  6.  Miss Casswell, Lorelei Lee, The Girl, Sugar Kane Kowalczyk
  7. Jack Crabb, Louis Dega, Mumbles, Shifu
  8. Suzanne Vale, Francesca Johnson, Mrs. Fox, Aunt March, President Orlean
  9. Pvt. Trip, Gray Grantham, Coach Herman Boone, Detective Keith Frazier, Troy Maxson
  10. Amelia Donaghy, Sara “Sway” Wayland, Jane Smith, Grendel’s Mother
  11. Chip Diller, Valentine McKee, Captain Jack Ross, Sebastian Shaw, David Lindhagen
  12. Birdie Pruitt, Sally Owens, Gracie Hart, Margaret Tate, Leigh Anne Tuohy
  13. Hubbell Gardiner, Johnny Hooker, Bishop, Alexander Pierce, Bill Bryson
  14. Molly Jensen, Lt. Cdr. Galloway, Diana Murphy, Samantha Albertson, Jordan O’Neill
  15. Hunter S. Thompson, Arthur Denton, Herman Blume, Bob Harris, FDR
  16. Alvy’s Date Outside Theatre, Ellen Mitchell, Gwen DeMarco, Ship’s Computer
  17. Allen Bauer, John Baskin, Scott Turner, Mr. White, Paul Edgecomb
  18. Amy Fowler Kane, Lisa Fremont, Georgie Elgin, Tracy Lord
  19. Jefferson Smith, Elwood P. Dowd, Buttons A Clown, L.B. Jefferies, Linus Rawlings
  20. Singer at Club, Breathless Mahoney, Mae Mordabito, Eva Peron

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