Talkin’ ’bout my g-g-g-generation (X), Volume II

In a previous post, I kicked off my series on Gen-X pop culture with a piece about MTV (ICYMI, you can read it here: Today, I’ll take a look at some of the most iconic Gen-X movies. When I began working on this piece, I didn’t really have a specific cut-off year in mind.Continue reading “Talkin’ ’bout my g-g-g-generation (X), Volume II”

Quick Hits: October 16

Arleen Sorkin was born on October 14, 1955. Best known as Days of Our Lives‘ Calliope Jones, Sorkin was the inspiration for – and the voice of – Harley Quinn in Batman: The Animated Series. Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead was released on October 15, 1981, and a franchise (including two sequels and a reboot,Continue reading “Quick Hits: October 16”