Happy Birthday, Michigan!

My beloved home state is celebrating its 185th birthday today, and to mark the occasion, here are a few of my favorite Michigan-born artists and Michigan-set media. Stevie Wonder Any number of Michigan-born musicians could have topped this list; Motown Records is just an embarrassment of musical riches. But no single artist has brought meContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Michigan!”

My Pop Culture Year

Me, one year ago: “2021 HAS to be better, right?” 2021: “Hold my beer.” Yeah, I’ll say it – 2021 was a giant dumpster fire. I was happy to say goodbye to it. Obviously, there were some bright points, the brightest being writing Peanut Butter & Julie for you lovely people. But much of 2021Continue reading “My Pop Culture Year”

Quick Hits: July 3

First of all, a personal note: June was kind of a crazy month – a vacation, a virus, helping my parents with a move, and a (requested) schedule change at work. I only posted seven times in June, less than my minimum goal of two posts per week. I intended to post pieces for PrideContinue reading “Quick Hits: July 3”

Quick Hits: June 11

On this day in 1982, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial was released. Made for just $10.5 million, E.T. was a massive success, holding the top spot at the box office for twelve consecutive weeks. By the end of its initial run, the film had earned more than $350 million (equivalent to almost $1 billion in today’s dollars)Continue reading “Quick Hits: June 11”