Happy Birthday, Michigan!

This post was originally published in 2022 and has been edited for content and clarity. My beloved home state is celebrating its 186th birthday today, and to mark the occasion, here are a few of my favorite Michigan-born artists and Michigan-set media. Any number of Michigan-born musicians could have topped this list; Motown Records isContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Michigan!”

My Pop Culture Year

Me, one year ago: “2021 HAS to be better, right?” 2021: “Hold my beer.” Yeah, I’ll say it – 2021 was a giant dumpster fire. I was happy to say goodbye to it. Obviously, there were some bright points, the brightest being writing Peanut Butter & Julie for you lovely people. But much of 2021Continue reading “My Pop Culture Year”

Quick Hits: July 3

First of all, a personal note: June was kind of a crazy month – a vacation, a virus, helping my parents with a move, and a (requested) schedule change at work. I only posted seven times in June, less than my minimum goal of two posts per week. I intended to post pieces for PrideContinue reading “Quick Hits: July 3”

Quick Hits: June 11

On this day in 1982, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial was released. Made for just $10.5 million, E.T. was a massive success, holding the top spot at the box office for twelve consecutive weeks. By the end of its initial run, the film had earned more than $350 million (equivalent to almost $1 billion in today’s dollars)Continue reading “Quick Hits: June 11”