Pop Quiz Answers

Archie Gates, Billy Tyne, Fred Friendly, Ryan Bingham, Frank Stokes – GEORGE CLOONEY (Three Kings, The Perfect Storm, Good Night, and Good Luck, Up in the Air, The Monuments Men) Anita Hoffman, Paula Alquist, Dr. Constance Petersen, Sister Mary Benedict – INGRID BERGMAN (Intermezzo, Gaslight, Spellbound, The Bells of St. Mary’s) Steve Randall, Brian Flanagan,Continue reading “Pop Quiz Answers”

Pop Quiz, Hot Shot!

Last time out, I asked you to name a movie from a handful of its nameless characters (ICYMI: https://peanut-butter-and-julie.com/2022/08/02/pop-quiz-hot-shot-2/). This time, I’m giving you several characters played by a single actor or actress. All of these folks are A-listers and/or Oscar winners, past or present. I tried to stick to well-known movies, though I didContinue reading “Pop Quiz, Hot Shot!”

Quick Hits: August 14-15

*** SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilery info about Netflix’s The Gray Man and Showtime’s Yellowjackets *** *** CONTENT WARNING: This post contains references to death, murder, and suicide *** Anne Heche has died from injuries she sustained on August 5 when she crashed her vehicle into a house, resulting in a fire that leftContinue reading “Quick Hits: August 14-15”

Pop Quiz Answers

I had so much fun putting this quiz together! I hope y’all enjoyed it too. Aged Actor, Leading Man, Doorman, Autograph Seeker, Stage Manager (1950) – ALL ABOUT EVE Miss Lonelyhearts, Miss Torso, Man on Fire Escape, Miss Hearing Aid (1954) – REAR WINDOW Car Driver, Assassin in Bedroom, Submarine Captain (1967) – YOU ONLYContinue reading “Pop Quiz Answers”

My Favorite (Pop Culture) Moms

If Mother’s Day is difficult for you due to a loss, an estrangement, infertility or any other reason – I see you, and I’m sorry. Earlier this week, I talked about my own unsuccessful quest to have a baby (https://peanut-butter-and-julie.com/2021/05/05/the-baroness-of-barrenness/). Mother’s Day is really hard for me, not because I don’t want to celebrate theContinue reading “My Favorite (Pop Culture) Moms”