Quick Hits: August 14-15

*** SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilery info about Netflix’s The Gray Man and Showtime’s Yellowjackets *** *** CONTENT WARNING: This post contains references to death, murder, and suicide *** Anne Heche has died from injuries she sustained on August 5 when she crashed her vehicle into a house, resulting in a fire that leftContinue reading “Quick Hits: August 14-15”

Pop Quiz Answers

I had so much fun putting this quiz together! I hope y’all enjoyed it too. Aged Actor, Leading Man, Doorman, Autograph Seeker, Stage Manager (1950) – ALL ABOUT EVE Miss Lonelyhearts, Miss Torso, Man on Fire Escape, Miss Hearing Aid (1954) – REAR WINDOW Car Driver, Assassin in Bedroom, Submarine Captain (1967) – YOU ONLYContinue reading “Pop Quiz Answers”

Happy Birthday, Michigan!

This post was originally published in 2022 and has been edited for content and clarity. My beloved home state is celebrating its 186th birthday today, and to mark the occasion, here are a few of my favorite Michigan-born artists and Michigan-set media. Any number of Michigan-born musicians could have topped this list; Motown Records isContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Michigan!”

Happy Rex Manning Day!

This post was originally published in 2021; it has been edited for content and clarity. It’s April 8, which means it’s Rex Manning day! What the heck is Rex Manning day? I’m glad you asked! Empire Records was released in 1995, and it tanked. Critics hated it, and moviegoers went to see Se7en instead. EmpireContinue reading “Happy Rex Manning Day!”