Quick Hits: April 10

  • Yesterday was the forty-fifth anniversary of the release of All the President’s Men, one of the best movies ever made about American politics and a personal favorite of mine. I read a blurb on Twitter about the film’s use of a split diopter lens, and while I know a good deal about how movies are made, this was terminology I was not familiar with. A quick Google search led me to this A.V. Club article that includes a clip of the scene in question. This is pure film geekery and I am here for it.


  • If you, like me, love learning about the behind-the-scenes efforts that go into filmmaking, check out Insider’s YouTube channel. Here is a recent clip about the evolution of car chase scenes:
  • Today is David Harbour’s 46th birthday, so I’m just going to leave this here…
  • Speaking of which, let’s check in on Stranger Things 4: it’s been almost two years since season 3 dropped on July 4, 2019. Filming on season 4 was interrupted last spring by the pandemic, and resumed in October. All indications are that the cameras are still rolling in Atlanta, and we’ve gotten some carefully curated set photos to obsess over. In all likelihood, we won’t see season 4 until the end of the year; perhaps it will be my Christmas present?
  • Legendary rapper and actor DMX (born Earl Simmons) died yesterday at the age of fifty. A week earlier, he had suffered a heart attack brought on by an apparent drug overdose, and had spent the week on life support.
  • Today I learned that the role of Josh Baskin in Big was originally supposed to be played by…Robert DeNiro????


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