Iconic Pop Culture Siblings

This post is dedicated to my favorite siblings, Dianne and Barbara. Happy National Siblings Day, y’all! In honor of the occasion, here is a selection of iconic pop culture siblings and, as always, a few of my favorites. We’re on a first name basis with the March girls: Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy. From theContinue reading “Iconic Pop Culture Siblings”

Quick Hits: August 14-15

*** SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilery info about Netflix’s The Gray Man and Showtime’s Yellowjackets *** *** CONTENT WARNING: This post contains references to death, murder, and suicide *** Anne Heche has died from injuries she sustained on August 5 when she crashed her vehicle into a house, resulting in a fire that leftContinue reading “Quick Hits: August 14-15”

Quick Hits: November 8

Stranger Things Day wrapped up with this video filmed at the retail pop-up store in Los Angeles, featuring the adorable Randy Havens (he plays Scott Clarke in the series). Dexter: New Blood premiered last night on Showtime. Star Michael C. Hall and showrunner Clyde Phillips, who left the original series after its spectacular fourth season,Continue reading “Quick Hits: November 8”

It’s Stranger Things Day!

This post contains some of my season four theories, which – if I turn out to be correct – could constitute spoilers. You’ve been warned. Today is the fourth annual Stranger Things Day, and Netflix gave me ALMOST everything I was hoping for. Why do we celebrate Stranger Things Day on November 6th? Because NovemberContinue reading “It’s Stranger Things Day!”

The Twelve Nights of Halloween

I am in the midst of my first annual “Twelve Nights of Halloween” celebration. Halloween is my favorite holiday – y’all can have your Christmas and your Thanksgiving and your Easter, but leave me the season of tricks, treats, thrills, chills, bonfires, corn mazes and horror movies. I typically spend a couple of nights watchingContinue reading “The Twelve Nights of Halloween”

Quick Hits: September 26

Today is Olivia Newton John’s birthday. My first major musical idol, Newton-John is a singer, songwriter, actor, breast cancer survivor (three times!) and activist. I was young when Grease came out but I absolutely remember seeing it in the theater; I remember what I wore that day, and the movie they previewed before the showContinue reading “Quick Hits: September 26”

Quick Hits: July 15

Content warning: this post contains a reference to suicide. Die Hard, one of the most perfect movies ever made, was released on this day in 1988. Based on the 1979 novel Nothing Lasts Forever by Roderick Thorp, Die Hard made Bruce Willis a superstar and ushered in a new era of action heroes – flawed,Continue reading “Quick Hits: July 15”

Quick Hits: May 8

On this day in 1958, Hammer Horror films released Dracula (titled Horror of Dracula in the US to avoid confusion with the 1931 Bela Legosi film). Christopher Lee’s Dracula was brooding and sensual, and was the first to incorporate many of the characteristics of the character as we know him today, including fangs and redContinue reading “Quick Hits: May 8”

Quick Hits: April 10

Yesterday was the forty-fifth anniversary of the release of All the President’s Men, one of the best movies ever made about American politics and a personal favorite of mine. I read a blurb on Twitter about the film’s use of a split diopter lens, and while I know a good deal about how movies areContinue reading “Quick Hits: April 10”