How I Met Your (Mother’s) Music

The first in a series celebrating my all-time favorite movie and television soundtracks. ******************************************************************************************************** One of the many things I love about How I Met Your Mother is its original songs – from the delightful theme song to “Let’s Go to the Mall”, “Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit” to “P.S. I Love You”, “MarshallContinue reading “How I Met Your (Mother’s) Music”

The Baroness of Barrenness

***** Content warning: infertility ***** Infertility sucks. Obviously, the emotions are infinitely more nuanced than that, but that’s the gist of it. Many people struggle with infertility; an estimated 10-15% of married couples are infertile. Infertility testing is invasive, and treatments are expensive. The stress of the process is intense; relationships have been known toContinue reading “The Baroness of Barrenness”

Happy 4/20!

April 20th is the day we celebrate cannibis culture. According to legend, the roots of the holiday stem to a group of teens in early 1970s San Rafael, California, who used the term “4:20” for their search for an abandoned cannibis crop (they met after school, at 4:20 pm). They never found the crop, butContinue reading “Happy 4/20!”