The Twelve Nights of Halloween

I am in the midst of my first annual “Twelve Nights of Halloween” celebration. Halloween is my favorite holiday – y’all can have your Christmas and your Thanksgiving and your Easter, but leave me the season of tricks, treats, thrills, chills, bonfires, corn mazes and horror movies. I typically spend a couple of nights watchingContinue reading “The Twelve Nights of Halloween”

How I Met Your (Mother’s) Music

The first in a series celebrating my all-time favorite movie and television soundtracks. ******************************************************************************************************** One of the many things I love about How I Met Your Mother is its original songs – from the delightful theme song to “Let’s Go to the Mall”, “Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit” to “P.S. I Love You”, “MarshallContinue reading “How I Met Your (Mother’s) Music”