Quick Hits: March 6

March 6 is the Day of the Dude, the high holy day of Dudeism. For those of you unfamiliar with the holiday, it is the anniversary of the release of The Big Lebowski, which stars the incomparable Jeff Bridges as “The Dude”. So smoke a joint, drink a White Russian (but use American vodka), goContinue reading “Quick Hits: March 6”

Happy 4/20!

April 20th is the day we celebrate cannibis culture. According to legend, the roots of the holiday stem to a group of teens in early 1970s San Rafael, California, who used the term “4:20” for their search for an abandoned cannibis crop (they met after school, at 4:20 pm). They never found the crop, butContinue reading “Happy 4/20!”